First impressions matter

First impressions really are important. But so many people don't realize that approaching a girl you don't know is one of the greatest cheat codes of life. When we meet someone we know nothing about them and are trying to quickly figure out where we should place them in our minds. The girl you start a conversation with can only use what you do and how you act to base her assumptions about you. 

So it is not what you say as much as how you say it (as I've said a thousand times). You an literally be anything you want because she only knows what you are showing her. Our products help you feel relaxed an playful with girls so your first impression shows her you are the high value man she has been looking for! This video is one of my favorites because the author has a great way of putting this into perspective. 

I want to talk to you about something that is absolutely near and dear to my heart, which is cold approach and why it is a cheat code to game. It’s literally something evolution was never designed to allow, and it is an unfair advantage for you in your dating life. It has been that way for me for eighteen years, I’ve gotten results that are way beyond what I possibly deserve as a man, and it can be that way for you as well.

I’m going to show you how I did not talk to you about that in this article. So let’s check that out right now. So I’d like to start this article off with a little story see last week we did London immersion program and I had a student on that program who, by the way, was an Indian guy, and I mentioned that because I get a lot of guys coming around Program there were Indian or Asian that think their ethnicity is holding them back.

So this was an Indian guy coming into the program he slept with seven girls in his lifetime on the program, which is a seven-day program. He slept with five different girls so out of 30 years of doing things, the normal way slept with seven girls on the seven-day program slept with five different girls, and I saw some of these girls. They were quite cute as well, so he really stepped it up and really just basically changed his life with women by implementing cold approach and implementing cold approach.

The right way, obviously with some good guidance. But the point is his whole life he’d been doing things. One way, which is the normal way he did it through this cheat code for one week and immediately got insane results now. Does everybody get that bigger results that quickly? No, not necessarily, but the point is it’s a cheat code. Sorry cold approach is a cheat code and is a  tremendous advantage.

In fact, it’s not what evolution was meant to have you do so in order to understand that, let’s look at a traction into where it comes from right, so attraction triggers in women basically come from what would have been good survival and reproduction traits in men. Basically, in the environment in which we evolved, which is like something between ten thousand to ten million years ago over time, all right, so girls are looking for particular traits in guys that make sense in that environment and that’s an environment where we lived in small little Social groups, right and in those in that environment, you can’t be anything you’re, not right.

Everybody, you know, has known you since you’re two years old. Actually, since your zero years old, they’ve known your whole life, they’ve known every time, you wet the bed every time you messed up on a hunt every time you up anything in the tribe right, you can’t be someone you’re, not alright. Everybody knows who the chief is: everybody knows who you know the kid that was picked on as a kid is, and so you can’t really convey yourself as something you’re, not in fact if you tried to, if you try to be all confident, uppity and you’re, not That person, you probably get punched in the face or exiled from the tribe.

However, we do not live in that environment anymore. We live in an environment, a world of seven billion people where everybody is essentially a stranger, and now, when you walk up to a girl, you can be anybody you want to be. You walk up to a girl randomly on the street today. She doesn’t know that you wet the bed in like when you were 12 years old. She doesn’t know that you were picked on in high school.

She doesn’t know that you had terrible acne. She doesn’t know that you were virgin until you’re 25. She doesn’t know any of this. All she knows is there’s a guy walking up to her right now. That is displaying confident, mannerisms and approaching in a way that is attractive and she will get attracted by that and in fact it’s specifically the cues from that evolutionary environment that you would have had to have been someone to have pulled off that behavior in that evolution, Environment that is helping you, okay, so you literally can be anyone you want with any given girl.

It doesn’t matter how your last approach win. It doesn’t matter how your entire life up to that point win if you know how to do a cold approach with any kind of reasonable skill at all. You are automatically an alpha male to her. You are automatically sexy to her and you can turn it on. In the blink of an eye, the other great thing about being in this tribe of seven billion people is that in this tribe there are three and a half billion women.

That’s a lot of women right. That means you are never going to run out of women. You can always go find a new incredible hot girl, too cold approach at any time in your life right, and this is in stark contrast to guys that have a social circle type game or guys that meet girls through their work or through friends of friends. That kind of stuff right, let’s say you – have to meet girls to your work and you work in an environment where there may be 50 women.

Well, that gives you a dating pool of 50. Doing cold approach gives you a dating pool of three and a half billion. It almost doesn’t matter how good you are with 50, even someone, who’s, mediocre and just talking to three and a half billion is going to do better than you. It’s just flat-out a fact. Right, it’s just such a bigger pool to draw from you almost can’t do worse, all right! So a guy, even if he’s pretty awful at cold approach, but is just willing to do the approaches willing to put himself in front of a lot of girls.

Just on sheer numbers, just on the sheer volume of approach is going to do better than even like the most attractive, guys in social circles right in terms of quality as well, but especially in terms of quantity right. It’s such a huge advantage. It’s such a huge difference in your life to have all of that available to you, I mean, as an example, look at me right, I’m a pretty normal average guy in a lot of ways.

I’r like five foot – seven, I am maybe slightly better than average. Looking maybe at a stretch I’m in okay shape, but not even that great of shape, I’m pretty like pasty, white skin, there’s nothing really that special about me. If I have one advantage, maybe I’m a little bit smart, maybe right, but I’m pretty much. Your average guy and I have been with hundreds and hundreds of women, including models actresses super hot, successful women athletes.

Whatever your type is whatever you consider a hot girl. I’ve pretty much had that going back to history, that’s the dating life of a Roman Emperor. Alright, that’s that’s! The dating not quite of Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan beat me a little bit right, but pretty much like the conquerors and emperors of the world. The kings of antiquity had the dating life that I have and Who am I I’m just some dude, I’m just some dude.

I have the dating life of kings. Why? Because when I was 18 years old, I decided to start walking up to girls and trying some shits, and I wasn’t amazing at it at first I was pretty shitty at it, but even being pretty shitty at it. I started getting dates. I started getting phone numbers not on a high percentage, but I started getting more dates and phone numbers than even the most attractive, coolest guys and fraternities in my college.

All right think about that think about that. They were cooler than me. They were more attractive than me. They had been laid before. I was a virgin at the time, but I was getting more phone numbers, more dates, more opportunities with girls by orders of magnitude than they were simply because I was willing to approach never mind as I started to learn and get good at cold approach and figure Out how to actually have you know reasonable percentages? Oh my god, like the world, is your oyster once you get to that level, so think about that.

Think about that right. If you look at like life and evolution – and you could say that you know the whole purpose of evolution and genetics is to you know, have sex get your genes in the next generation. You basically are cheating the entire system. You basically are having the life. That is orders of orders of orders of magnitude better than you’re supposed to have. That is a six beyond anything that should possibly have ever been attainable to you in any way shape or form.

That’s pretty crazy to think about. Despite everything, I’ve just said what I hear from a lot of guys and what you may be thinking as well is but Todd it’s just not that easy. It’s it’s a little bit hard for me and it’s true at the beginning, when you’re not very good at it, it is a little bit hard and in a minute I’m going to talk to you about what I did at the beginning. That made it much much easier for me and will probably work for you as well, but before that I want to give you a little bit of perspective on that so yeah, it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

However, if you look at what you’re doing here in the grand scheme of things right again on an evolutionary level literally having sex with girls and getting your genes in the next generation, is something that every single man on the planet is biologically come they’re programmed to Compete at that you’re literally competing in the toughest most widely played game in the entire world, and you have a cheat code to actually get you there.

Look, let’s look at the alternatives. What are the alternatives to this cheat code? If you want sleep with a lot of girls become rich and famous, you think that’s easy. That’s orders of magnitude harder than learning to walk up to girls is so the point I’m making to you is yes, it’s not like you know. Two plus two is four easy, but compared to every single alternative that can get you similar results, it is orders of magnitude easier, okay, it’s much much much easier than those other options.

So you know it’s not easy, it’s easier. However, how can you actually make it easy what is going on in this process where guys struggle with it? Basically, here’s what happens. Okay, you start out if you’re like a total beginner, you start out, maybe at this level in game right and maybe the threshold for getting sex is like this level. What happens is you’re, probably improving right. You improve from here to here you improve from here to here, but if you’re measuring yourself against the standard of sex, I move from here to here increase your sex by zero.

I move from here to here increase your sex by zero right, and so it’s very easy to get discouraged, and this is what I actually see it’s so shocking to me, so many guys as they’re getting better and better and better and they’re just reaching that level. Where they’re almost over the hump they’re almost ready to get there right there, this close to getting it and they get frustrated. Cuz like oh I’ve, been trying and trying and trying, and I’m still not having sex.

What they don’t realize is they’ve gotten much closer and the what they should be looking at is redefining their their short-term goals a little bit so if they actually become measurable and they see success, here’s what mean by that. When I first started out, I had trouble at you’ve been talking to a girl, and so I wasn’t measuring like did I have sex or not? I was measuring. I was terrified to talk to her and couldn’t start a conversation, and now I can have a 20-second conversation, massive victory, I’m so proud of myself and then once I could do that, then I was saying like okay cool now, can I have a minute conversation and Then now I can ask for a number without, like my pants and now I can actually get some numbers, and now I can actually get some dates and so every step along the way.

I was setting a goal, that’s measurable to me and where I see success occasionally so, instead of having this thing works like I’m here, the threshold is here and I’m seeing failure, failure failure. What I was seeing is success at getting a conversation, success at getting a longer conversation success at getting a phone number and each and every one of those was encouraging to me and each and every one of those told me.

I was on the right path. So so many guys are going out and because they’re evaluating themselves against did I have sex or not. There’s a very binary thing: they’re just seeing failure, failure, failure as opposed to reasonable goals, really see success. Success success, that’s important in terms of just you logically staying the course and seeing that there is, you know, light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s also important biologically because when you succeed as a man as a human being, your body floods itself with chemicals that tell you success, is possible and tell you you’re more alpha until you’re more capable next time and the more alpha and successful you appear the more Your next approach is can be done with confidence, and then we were going to start stepping into that role of alpha male and it’s actually this beautiful feedback process.

So what I’m suggesting to you is this? Whatever level you’re at you want to set goals that you can actually hit as often or more often than not, they should be a challenge to you. They shouldn’t be so easy, they’re boring, but they should be goals where you can see measurable success and measurable progress, because that’s what’s going to keep you going if you’re, seeing measurable improvement and measurable results now you’re going to stay with it and that’s really the biggest Thing if you have the right process and attitude you stay with it, you will get there eventually now, if you want to get there faster.

Obviously you want to add in skill, adding good coaching. You know have a system, that’s sort of a thing, but the biggest thing is that you stay the course you stay encouraged and you keep going towards that end result. That is inevitable and if you are seeing improvements right, if you are seeing improvement, you’re on that right path and every you know every week, every month you are considerably better than you were the last week or the last month.

That makes it a much easier path to stick on, so changing her attitude and outlook will make a massive difference in how hard it appears. The other thing I would tell you in terms of it appearing hard, is give yourself a reasonable timeline. Give yourself a reasonable timeline if you’re a guy in your like 20s, 30s, even 40s. If it takes you a couple years to get good at this, you have the whole rest of your life to have the most insane sex life ever and it should not take you years.

It should take you months but or or even shorter, if you’re doing it really the right way, but even if it did take you years, then you have the entire rest of your life to have a great sex life. All right goes guys go to medical school for six years, for the hope of. Maybe you know someone will be impressed and it’ll work out with a few girls here and there you, in a matter of months to maybe a year or two, can have the abundant sex life of a feudal king.

If you just stay the course all right, so yeah it’s a little hard at first, but compared to the alternatives. It’s easy and if you set up the right goals, you’re going to see success along the way you’re going to see the light. At the end of title, and you should be encouraged every step of the way – that’s what I did as I was learning. I wasn’t that good at first I was really really bad, but I saw a victory there.

I saw progress and that made me stay with it. I made it fun for me right when you’re winning when you’re seeing success. It makes it fun for you and it makes you want to stay the course. So that’s absolutely critically critically important and then again obviously get good coaching get a system, those kind of things where you are cutting years off your learning curve. That’s absolutely important as well, but if all you did was stay the course at least you’d get their eventually.

All right, so I just want to encourage you number one understand what cold approach is and understand the possibility and understand you’re so lucky to have this available to you and especially to be in a world where not only is available, but you have all these resources To teach you it and make you learn it faster and then, secondly, have some perspective understand you don’t have to be amazing.

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