About Us

The most frustrating thing in the world for me is when people tell you how you should feel and think but not how to get there. So many people have no way to replicate the success of someone that can do the things they wish they could. I spent 20 years studying everything I could on how to change our habits and beliefs because the average person thinks they are stuck being who they are. Which is not true at all!

But over the years I discovered that people rarely seek change when they are doing well. When we are not stressed is the perfect time to learn the skills to work on your emotions and reactions, but humans don't really do that. People look for help and seek change only when the current way of life hurts so bad that it is actually less painful to change than it is to stay where they are. I myself have done this so many times in my life with different things. But when you are in pain you do not have the mental or emotional resources to learn a skill and wait for it to start working. Learning a new skill takes time but when we are in pain we don't want to wait so it becomes a horrible cycle.

So that is why I created these recordings. My goal was to give the customer a tool for change that requires no work from them and can give them the help they need immediately no matter how stressed or in pain they are. Once they begin to see results then they can pursue the knowledge they need if they want to go further. If you were to accidently start your house on fire you don't want someone telling you how that could be avoided, what you did wrong, and tips for how to make sure your house is safe and it won't happen again. NO! You need someone to get you the hell out of that fire and get you to a place you feel safe, then education and tips are welcomed.

The material written in the dating community is mainly written by people who are not in pain. They were at one point but now their life is good and they are not starved for affection like a lot of newbies are. So yes their tactics and teachings are good but they never address the pain that is present in the students looking for a way out of the life they are in. The teachers and gurus have forgotten how hard it is to learn a new skill when you are desperate or hurting. So that is why I build this site.

I spent so many years filtering through all the bullshit trying to see what works and it is very time-consuming. Now I only teach what works fast and are the easiest methods possible to change how you feel and react. My hypnotic recordings are built to get you out of the mental and emotional pain so you can feel some peace and begin to have fun learning to connect with women. You can't teach a man to grow his own food if he is starving, he can not wait that long. It is too painful and I was tired of seeing this as the only approach to the dating community.

So if you are not in pain, great! My recordings will still work for you and get you past a lot of your sticking points. But if you are in pain and tired of being stuck where you are then do yourself a favor and use my recordings to give yourself some peace so you can take the time to learn the skills needed to live the life you want with the women you really want.